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The flashing question mark or a circle/slash means your Mac can’t find a valid startup disk. This can be an indication of a corrupt installation, software of Mac OS X or a failed (or failing) hard drive. A pass through with DiskWarrior utility is highly recommended for any disk-related startup problems. You can also try Apple Disk Utility which can be found under the recovery partiton.
No AirPort card installed is usually cause by long usage and/or wear and tear. Wireless cable connected to the logic board or Motherboard wifi chip might also be the cause. Brand new Airport Card replacement usually solve the problem.
Service Battery : Means your battery is dying, you might have trouble powering up your mac with battery powered only. Battery tends to depletes faster then usual Visit a nearby service centre and have them replace the battery for you, as removing of certain apple macbook internal battery requires special screw drivers.
Able to power on but No display: Most of the time is due to a faulty Graphic card and/or Display screen. Replacement of a new onboard graphic card or display screen does the job most of the time. Do Not recommend performing repair on your own as you might damage other components. Engage an apple specialist for a full diagnostic test.
Stuck at apple spinning wheel : Is usually cause by a corrupted mac operating system and/or a faulty hard drive with bad sectors. Try rebooting your Mac in Safe Mode and perform disk utilities check on your mac operating system and hard drive. You should be able to boot in normally after restarting your mac if all ends well. Otherwise visit a apple specialist for a full check.
Kernel panic or “Grey Screen of Death” can happen at virtually any point in the boot process and may indicate a corrupt OS, an incompatible kernel extension, or a hardware problem. Perform Safe Boot to disable non-Apple extensions. If that doesn’t work, try re patching your software. If you have tried both methods and still fail, visit an apple specialist for a full diagnostic check on your device
Safari has unexpectedly quit: Third party plugins may sometime cause these problem. If you aren’t sure which (if any) third-party plug-ins you have installed, choose Installed Plug-ins from the safari help menu. A window appears showing the versions of each plug-in, as well as other information.
Over heating : Usually cause by a faulty processor fan. Otherwise it might be due to a short circuit of the board that causes the overheating Processor Fan replacement is the top choice. But it’s always best to get an Apple Specialist to perform a Full diagnostic Test.

For all other problem encounters not stated below, kindly contact us for more information.
Customers may visit our service centre directly for an non-obligation diagnostic test.

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