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The Repair Hospital specializes in expert Microsoft Surface Repairs in Singapore. We fix your cracked screens, water damage, battery problems, hardware and software issues precisely and efficiently.

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When it comes to the Microsoft Surface Laptop, even its reputation for reliability isn’t immune to occasional technical hiccups. 

Like any complex electronic device, it’s not uncommon for users to encounter certain issues that can hinder performance and productivity. From hardware malfunctions to software glitches, our team at The Repair Hospital has seen it all. 

Here, we’ll explore some of the most common problems that Microsoft Surface Laptop users have reported, and how our expert repair services can get your device back up and running smoothly.

Is the screen of your Microsoft Surface device damaged or cracked, affecting your viewing experience? Our expert technicians specialize in swift and precise screen replacements, ensuring your device’s display is restored to perfection. We use high-quality replacement screens and advanced techniques to ensure optimal visual clarity and functionality.

Experiencing issues with your Microsoft Surface device’s keyboard, such as unresponsive keys or stuck buttons? A faulty keyboard can impede your productivity. At The Repair Hospital, we diagnose and fix keyboard faults promptly to ensure seamless typing. Our technicians meticulously examine each key and underlying mechanism to identify and resolve any issues.

Is your Microsoft Surface device’s battery draining rapidly or failing to hold a charge? A malfunctioning battery disrupts your workflow. Our team provides professional battery replacement services, extending your device’s battery life. We use Top Graded Parts (OEM) or Original Graded replacement batteries and follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Encountering software glitches on your Microsoft Surface device, causing slowdowns? Software problems hinder your device’s performance. Our experts diagnose and resolve software issues swiftly, ensuring smooth operation. Whether it’s operating system errors, driver issues, or software conflicts, we employ advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to fix them.

Is the touch panel of your Microsoft Surface device malfunctioning, resulting in erratic touch responses? Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair touch panel faults effectively, restoring accurate touch functionality. We conduct a thorough assessment of the touch panel and perform precise repairs to ensure optimal performance.

Is the touchpad of your Microsoft Surface device not functioning correctly, causing cursor jitters? Our technicians diagnose and repair touchpad faults swiftly, restoring smooth cursor movement for enhanced usability. We clean the touchpad surface, inspect for loose connections, and recalibrate the touchpad settings to ensure optimal performance.

Experiencing connectivity issues with the WiFi on your Microsoft Surface device? Unstable WiFi connections disrupt your online activities. The Repair Hospital offers expert diagnosis and repair services for WiFi faults, ensuring seamless connectivity. We analyze signal strength, router compatibility, and network settings to identify and resolve WiFi problems promptly.

A faulty charging port prevents your Microsoft Surface device from charging properly, leading to battery issues. Our experts diagnose and repair charging port faults with precision, ensuring seamless charging. We examine the charging port for physical damage, clean it thoroughly, and replace any damaged components as necessary.

Looking to enhance your Microsoft Surface device’s storage and performance? Consider upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD) for faster read/write speeds. The Repair Hospital offers professional SSD upgrade services tailored to your needs. We assist you in selecting the right SSD model, migrate your data, and optimize the SSD for maximum efficiency.

Want to improve your Microsoft Surface device’s multitasking capabilities? Upgrade your device’s RAM for smoother performance. Our technicians specialize in RAM upgrades, ensuring your device handles demanding tasks with ease. We evaluate your current RAM configuration, recommend suitable upgrades, and install the new RAM modules with precision.

Accidental exposure to water can cause extensive damage to your Microsoft Surface device. If your device has suffered water damage, seek professional assistance immediately. The Repair Hospital offers specialized water damage repair services to salvage and restore your device. We meticulously dry and clean the internal components, replace any damaged parts, and conduct thorough testing to ensure your device is fully functional.

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