It begins with TheRepairHospital
from a local repair consulting company into a nationwide service centre leader
we won't be here without passion and perseverance
if you share our belief and passion, let's talk.
Position Status Employment Type
Customer Service Officer Open Contract Staff
Laptop Technician Open Contract Staff
Mobile Technician Open Contract Staff
Human Resource Executive Closed Contract Staff
Business Development Manager Closed Contract Staff
Outlet Manager Closed Contract Staff
Outlet Supervisor Closed Contract Staff
Delivery Driver Closed Contract Staff
Internship Application
Applications open from (Decemeber to Feburary) and (June to August) every year.
The intership period is from May to August , September to December and the length of
internship is typically ten to twelve weeks. if you have missed the current application period,
we welcome your application again in the next opening window.
* ITE, Poly, University undergradute with good academic
* Teamplayer with leadership track records
* Passion to learn & meeting people
* Technicial background (Optional)
* Customer relation background (Optional)
Why intern with us?
* Guidance from our experienced team 
* Advise and Mentorship from Directors personally
* Challenges in multiple aspect within an operation
* Opportunity to interact and handle customers
* Learning a life-time skill set 
* Outstanding interns can look forward to advanced employment

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